*If you prefer to mail in payment by check or through a donor-advised fund, please contact Erin Prange at
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    Become a "producer" of a new choreographic work for the company's repertoire!  New works by renowned guest choreographers, by Artistic Director Brian Enos, and by our talented in-house artists will showcase St. Louis through beautiful movement and athleticism on the stage.  Within this "producer package" you will be listed as the sponsor every time the company performs the work, you will receive 4 VIP tickets to the opening night of the premiere, and will have the opportunity for a sneak peek rehearsal of your sponsored work before its debut. 
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    $5,000 Level
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    You can enable our Big Muddy trainees to receive a specialized training session by one of our company members each week for the entire season, helping them to reach their potential as dancers and to help the organization continue to raise the bar in artistry.
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    $2,500 Level
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    Become the titled sponsor of a Senior Embrace performance by the company at a retirement home in the St. Louis area.
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    $1,000 Level
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    You could provide costumes for a full company work on stage and in outreach performances.
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    $500 Level
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    You could support a dancer for a week of setting a new work!  We have 14 dancers for a 33-week season, so this is a huge category of need.  Every little bit helps!
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    $250 Level
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    Make a huge difference by providing a partial scholarship to an aspiring dance student in need to attend one of our educational programs.
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    $100 Level
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    Choose any amount to make a donation to The Big Muddy Dance Company.  All of our programs directly align with our mission to invigorate life through dance!
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